Meet our club committees.

Program Committee Publicity Committee Fellowship Committee
Chair: Susie Hinton Chair: Frank Hinton Chair: Tiffany Adams & Willia Robinson
The program committee is responsible for organizing speakers for all Optimist meetings and annual banquet. The publicity committee handles all the club communications via club newsletters, local newspaper, and/or other media. The fellowship committee serves as greeters for all club meetings and activities.
Finance Comittee Membership Committee New Club Building
Chair: Charlie Robinson Chair: Vacant Chair: Roy Blake
The finance committee along with the secretary/treasurer creates the club's budget. Also, this committee handles the club's donation and card project. The membership committee is responsible for organizing and conducting the recruiting of new club members and The New Optimist Wanted Program (NOW). The new club building committee is responsible for organizing any new Optimist adult and youth club(s).
JOOI Club Personal Growth & Improvement Rep. OI Club Foundation Rep.
Chair: Susie Hinton & Donna Randall Chair: Charles Z. Robinson Chair: Lillian Gilmore
This committee organizes youth with the objective of teaching them how to make their communities better - one service project at a time. PGI offers every Optimist member the opportunity to grow personally and learn more about Optimism, while advancing through ten levels of involvement, personal growth and achievement. Our club representative is responsible for sharing important information and soliciting financial support for The OI Foundation.
Special Olympics Respect for Law Rolling in Rock Hill Project
Chair: Michael Smith Chair: Aurther Green Chair: James Smith
This committee helps out with the annual Special Olympics Program, which takes place in the Spring of each year. Members will serves as time keepers, judges, and encourage the students (huggers) in competition. This committee is responsible for selecting and recognizing officers from the city police, county sheriff department, and/or highway patrol for their contributions to our community. Rolling in Rock Hill is a beautification project sponsored by the city. Each year the community pulls together to help the elderly and/or disabled home owners by painting their home.
Senior Citizen Banquet Toys and Tots Project Adult Day Care Project
Chair: Larry Burnside Chair: Dorene Boular Chair: Gloria & Larry Burnside
This committee plans and conducts the yearly recognition program for local senior citizens. Each senior is provided a gift

Each year the club adopts needy family/families and provides clothes, toys, and other items for Christmas.

This committee plans special activities for our seniors, who are receiving services from local adult day care centers. (Flint Hill and First Calvary)
"YES" Program Flower Raffle Fund Relay For Life-Cancer Walk
Chair: Roy Collins Chair: Joyce Argo Chair: Joseph Evans
This committee serves as mentors for local middgl school students. We provide students with a variety of individual and group activities. This committee is responsible for coordinating a monthly rafflle to generate funds to provide cards and flowers to members during illness and family deaths. Relay For Life is a fundraising event of the American Cancer Society, and is now held in many other countries. It is an overnight event designed to spread awareness of cancer prevention, treatments and cures, celebrate survivorship and raise money for research to find more cures for cancer.
Scholarship Program Student Recognition Program Educator Recognition Program
Chair:Charlie Robinson Chair: Denise Khaalid Chair: Denise Khaalid
Our club awards $3500 in scholarships to six local high school seniors. This committee distributes, collects, and reviews applications and awards scholarships. This committee is responsible for recognizing deserving students in our local schools. Each month a high school student is recognized and each quarter a middle school student is recognized. A high school student is selected at the end of the year and presented with the "Student-of-the-Year Award." This committee is responsible for honoring local educators for their contributions made to the students, school, and community. An educator will be recognized each quarter. One of the four recipients will be named "Educator-of-the-Year."
Essay Contest Oratorical Contest Golf Tournament
Chair: Kay Owens Chair: Lonnie Harvey, Jr. Chair: Lonnie Harvey, Jr.
Optimist International provides an official topic and guidelines for the essay contest. This committee will organize and host our club contest. Optimist International provides an official topic and guidelines for the oratorical contest. This committee will organize and hosts our club contest. The golf tournament committee is responsible for the planning and managing the golf tournament.